Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It is Wednesday so you know what time it is!  I know you are dying to hear what I am loving...

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I am still loving my Ikea chalk board (talked about here) because of moments like this:

I went to take a shower and before I left I said to the hubs, "You know what would be great?" and he replied with something unsuitable for the blog viewing community so I said, "No.  Actually, it would be great if when I came out of the shower that you had something great written on the chalk board.  I need a little laugh please." And he delivered, as always.  And that is the epitome of what I wanted from this chalkboard!  I am totally okay that I had to make him do it.

I am loving all of the great pictures I have taken in the last week.  Cue photo dump...

I love crying pics...does that make me a mean mommy??  I just think her cry face is adorable!

Detroit Tigers pink dress and pink baby Crocs - need I say more?

Daddy and baby pics just kill me...

She can furrow her brow like nobody's business.

My beautiful Goddaughter and her "say cheese!" smile.

My BIL trying to break some beer bottles for his baby girl.

Hubs trying for his baby girl, too.  LOVE BIL's focused neck position in the background, too!

I love how engaged everyone in this picture is on something - Maddie on the game, Hubs on Maddie and J on daddy!

Looks repulsive to me but makes for pretty picture!

Mmmm...corn dog.


One day, J, in the not-too-distant future...

Man, I have some pretty people in my life.

My favorite girls!

Just had to add this one in for comparison - this one is from about 4 months ago.  Please note that Maddie has tattoos in both pics...she is a rock star like that.
Today I am in love with the fact that my friend, Jen, gave me the most wonderful thank you today.  Jen lives in Nevada (I am in MI) and due to lots of moving for her hubby's job in the last few years, she does not have any family and no good friends at her immediate disposal and she is currently just shy of 8 months pregnant.  I wanted to send her a little package of baby stuff that she wouldn't have necessarily thought she needed without ever having a baby herself.  So J and I headed over to Target and had ourselves a good 'ole time buying lots of fun "essential" baby stuff.  Then we came home and made Jen a little video explaining each item and why they were some of our favorite things.  Josie definitely added to the entertainment value of the video by getting into stuff and making me pause to take care of what she was doing or by how she said "BUH-BYE" loud and clear at the end.  Anyway, Jen received the package today (oh, you know, only 5 weeks after we bought the gift...) and she sent me some of the greatest texts I have ever received..."U are way too cute! That video made my day, no my month. LOVED it! Josie is adorable and so r u. That meant so much to me. Ur such an amazing friend. Thank you!!!!!"..."I even called my mom right away to tell her how incredible u are".  

Seriously?  Seriously??  All because we took 45 minutes of one day of our lives to do something for her!  This is why I love doing unexpected things for people - whether it is giving a really great, personal gift or sending a random post card or whatever.  It is SO FUN to make people really, really happy just by some small act of kindness!  I really wish that I took the time to do it more often.  But I did this for Jen because I knew that I would love to see a friend's face right now if I were her and I knew that if the roles were reversed and it were me, I would love it.  But I didn't expect such an amazing reaction.  Gratitude is my favorite thing in the world and especially when it is given so graciously for such small things.  Thank you, Jen, you made MY month!

Us at Jen's wedding in 2008.
Thanks for reading!


  1. We have a chalkboard too - LOVE it!! : )

  2. The tattoos all over my daughter now and 4 mons ago made me LAUGH loud! Omg, i die. I loved this post! You are such a good friend, momma, and sill!