Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace the Camera

I am linking up with Emily Anderson over at The Anderson Crew for Embrace the Camera. 

I am soooo happy to be blogging about this moment that we had the other day.  

I laid down on the ground, just as you see here, and grabbed a book and just started reading out loud for Josie as she toddled around the room.  These days all she does is walk, walk, walk.  I guess that is what you do when you have a new love in life, isn't it?  She cannot contain herself from going back and forth to all of the glorious things that she could only stare at with longing for so many months.

Suddenly she stopped and laid down right next to me with her own book (the one you see us reading).  I wish I would have videotaped it because her process of laying down like I did was so painstaking.  She has never so slowly and deliberately tried to mimic something that I did the way that she mimicked this.  

It was one of those super silly, emotional moments for me where at one point I was laughing because I started tearing up over the sweetness of it all and had to put my head down and re-focus so I wouldn't start sobbing! 

That is me making monkey sounds...

This being a mom stuff is no joke.  I cannot believe this little person actually wants to hang out with me for now and actually watches the things that I say and do.

I love this kid sooooooo much!!


  1. Is this your 2nd etc? Ithink so. These r my favorites

  2. this is such a sweet moment. seriously sweet.

    so glad you joined us :)