Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday

It is Wednesday so you know what time it is!  I know you are dying to hear what I am loving...

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I am loving my new bling!  For mommy's day, we ordered this fabulous necklace for me.  My hubs knew that I wanted one like this but didn't want to make the wrong choice so we ordered it together (and I swear that was not him taking the easy road...he really is super thoughtful like that).  You can find it over at The Vintage Pearl - it was only $28 custom ordered and shipped!  My only complaint is that they told me it would take 2-3 weeks and it was only shipped after it had been almost 4 weeks and I sent an e-mail asking about it.  They didn't even apologize - I definitely did not think that part was cool.

I am loving our new Ikea chalk board.  It was only $14.99 and I really love how it has a little mail holder in the bottom because we have a small house with very few available surfaces for such things so this is just what the doctor ordered.  I am not really a cook and my kid is not yet doing activities which require chalk board reminders; I do however love me a good quote so I will be flipping the pages of my QUOTATIONARY for inspiration until further notice.  I am not loving that my hubby has not hung it yet but we will not dwell on that since he has been working on the next thing I am loving.

I am loving that we are getting a walk-way from our deck to our gate in the backyard FINALLY!  OK, so here is what the back of our house looked like when we bought it 6 years ago (prepare your eyes to be sore from all the ugly you are about to behold).

And that, my friends, is actually prettier than the front (really, really old dark dank wood siding...). And also, as a side note, one of my husbands flaws is he would like to be a hoarder.  He's not, but I feel like it may only be because he lives with me and I am a little bit of a minimalist.  I mean, I definitely like stuff but I have no problem throwing out the things that have seen their time.  I bring this up because see that lawn mower?  Yeah, that is just an ornament in our yard which we just move from spot to spot that has never ran and never will.  Hubs finally made the call to give it to someone who wants to fix it but who knows when it will actually go and OH GOOD LORD DO I WANT IT GONE.  I hate, hate, hate stuff like that!

I digress.  So here is what we are currently working with:

Things I feel the need to explain.  The bench is normally over by the bonfire pit that you cannot see to the left.  That obviously bare spot in from of the deck?  We pulled out an unhappy plant and we are replacing it with a happy Hosta at some point in the near future.  And if anyone is in the business of giving out free fences and patio sets, send me an e-mail!  Those suckers are expensive!  Hopefully next summer...

Anywho, here is closer look-see at the area which is currently getting a makeover:

We are having issues with the installation, unfortunately, so I would love to say that I will have an update for the next WILW but I am not so sure.  But as soon as it is complete, I will be sure to share all the details with y'all!

By the way, if anyone has any interest in seeing more of our home transformation (inside or out), please let me know.  I tend to think that no one is reading this thing and that everyone who does already knows what my house looks like!


  1. Your backyard is coming along so nicely! It looks outstanding!

  2. more of the home transformation please! I have seen the after but never the before... I love it!

  3. hi! just stopped by for WILW and I have to tell you i LOVE the pick that you have at the top of your blog. it's priceless!