Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{30 day} photo fun - day 14

{Day 14 - Someone You Love}

Well, just to be clear, it is someone I love.  Not necessarily someone you love.  However, I do think that if you got to know him, you actually would love him.  Or hate him...whatever.  He is one of those people.

This man is everything to me.  OK, fine...he AND Josie are everything to me.  

He is smart.  He is refreshing.  He is who he is and genuinely does not care what others think of him.  Don't like me?  Okay, I guess that is your loss.  That's his 'tude and I am envious of it. 

He's seriously father-of-the-year material.  He loves his daughter maybe even more fiercely than he loves his wife and that is a feat.  He is a gentleman and he doesn't bat an eyelash at thinking of me first.

And he hates shaving. :)

Yeah...this is someone I really love.

(Btw, I really have no idea what I did differently with the last photo that made it more crisp than the other two.  NOT purposeful!)

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