Monday, June 13, 2011

{30 day} photo fun - days 11-13

{Day 11 - Silhouette}

I Googled how to photograph a silhouette and I just couldn't get it.  My pictures either looked normal or completely black.  I guess I should do more than 7 minutes of research next time I don't know how to do something...

Here is a super cute pic from Josie's first birthday instead...

{Day 12 - Sun Flare}

Then day 12 came along and required sun in the sky.  But Michigan had other plans for our Sunday...there was maybe 20 minutes of full sun all day and I wasn't outside for it. :(

Sooo, you get another super cute pic of my sweet Josephine.

{Day 13 - Reminds You of Childhood}

When I was a kid, I LOVED Berenstein Bears books.  Love, love, LOVED.  In fact, I specifically remembering sitting in my dad's lap learning the difference between their, there and they're from these books.  They hold a very special place in my heart.  There are x's on the back of some where I marked the previous books that I already had, there is my name scrawled in the inside covers and there are many pages that show the wear of endless days and nights turning those pages with my dad.  I kept all of mine from childhood and it turned out that Corey was a big fan when he was a kid, too, so we combined our collections and created a super collection for Josie.  I think we have about 50 and my mom is actually trying to find the rest of them for us.  

I can't explain how much I hope Josie loves these books as I did.  

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  1. hello! im doing the 30 day challenge also & found your blog via the flickr group. i had so much trouble with the silhouette & with the sun flares (we had a pretty grey day). your daughter is just beautiful! oh, & i hate bugs too.

  2. Hi Stephanie! What is your name on Flickr? I will check out your photos! Thank you for the compliment on my daughter and I have to say - I agree!