Sunday, January 30, 2011

Josie: {9 Months}

Josie, every month you steal a little bit more of my heart.  As of today, you are 9.5 months old and officially the most wonderful person to have ever existed. 

You love to smile and everyone agrees that your ear-to-ear grin can light up any room.  Your giggle is less frequent than your smile, but nonetheless, the most captivating sound I have ever heard.  Daddy is definitely the best at making you giggle!

You look a little crazy in this one but it is a great example of your light-up-any-room smile!

Some of your favorite things to do are:

  • Watch Deuce and Roper just be.  The only times you have ever crackep up without someone provoking it with tickles or funny sounds has been when you just watched the dogs walk around.  You think they are the funniest creatures!
  • Bathtime!  You get excited as soon as you hear the water start to run.  Of course, your favorite toy would not be any that we bought or that was given to you, it would be the empty shampoo bottle depicted above.  You love to just hold it all the time, even when you are trying to grab other things in the tub.
  • You feel like such big stuff when we hold your hands at stand you up.  You love to feel like a big girl standing up!
  • Your favorite toy is Mr. Singamajig.  It is a a little weird lookin' dude who, when you press on his belly, sings notes to you and as he does this his mouth opens up into an O shape as if he is really singing to you.  Every time we squeeze his belly we get a big 'ole smile out of you!
  • Eating.  Josie, I feel bad.  I think that you may have your mother's appetite and love for food.  Let's just hope that you have your daddy's metabolism!  But you love absolutely everything we have given you aside from the asparagus/green bean mixture that I made you awhile back.  This just goes along with your general theme of being a good baby who plays well by herself, sleeps well and is in good spirits 90% of the time!

So here we are at 9 months and you have recently hit a few big milestones - your two bottom teeth came in in December and within the last few weeks, your top two teeth came through and boy, you did not enjoy that process!  But still, you slept through the night - I think you are going to be like your mama in that regard, too.  Sleeping is a beautiful thing and we need lots of it!  Thank you, God, for making her this way!!  You also rolled over from front to back, started pulling yourself up when sitting in your crib and have very recently began to do the rocking motion on all fours that is the precursor to crawling.  I am guessing that in the next few weeks our life is going to drastically change because you are going to suddenly be all over this house! 

I love you so much, little girl!  I cannot wait to see what the next month brings!

Here are a few photos from your 9 month photo shoot:

These last two pictures just crack me up because when we were taking the photos you became very aware of the sticker on your onesie and VERY intent on getting it off of you!  SOOO CUTE!

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