Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am going to change this blog.

I think about this stupid blog all the time.

I think about all the stupid things that I put on my 101 in 1,001 list.

I think even more about how I am not keeping up on this blog and how I should be way further along in my 101 than I am.

I am not giving up on that one, but I am giving up on blogging about it. I am really glad that I added the one to the list about giving money to charity for every one I don't complete because it totally makes me feel better when I screw one up or decide that I don't want to do it anymore! So, I am going to turn this into a blog that is more about Josie than anything else. I will give a recap of the 101 when I am done with it in a little over a year.

Anywho, I follow all these blogs of women that blog about their home life and their kid(s) and I love them! I never really considered changing my blog to that until recently when I read this: Blog Book . How freaking cool is that?? I want Josie to have that one day! I wish I would have known my mom when she was raising me so I am going to do it for my baby girl. I am kind of sucking at the written baby book so I am hoping that this format will work better for me.

Wish me luck.

Here is a teaser of more of what you can expect on here from now on:


Up next: Josie {9 Months}

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  1. OMG! She is precious!! I love the name Josephine! :-)