Monday, October 4, 2010

Non-101 Related: Vote for Josie!

Normally I do not use my blog to talk about things other than my 101 list but today I want to ask for a favor: I have entered Josie into the babyGap/Gapkids 2010 casting call and I am really pushing for her to get votes! If you are feeling charitable, please post this link on your own blog, on your Facebook and/or your Twitter to help raise Josie's votes.

I don't know how long the contest has been going on but we are definitely behind because the girl with the most votes currently has over 6,000! BUT we have until November 14th and with your help, I know it is possible! It is super duper easy, just enter your e-mail address twice and voila! Vote cast! And it wouldn't hurt if you have several e-mail addresses...

Many thanks for any help you provide!

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