Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Word About My Progress

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile but blogging just hasn't really appealed to me in any way in the last few months. And now I have made everything exponentially harder on myself because I waited until this baby girl arrived to get back into it! Right now she is sleeping and giving me a little respite, so I am taking that opportunity to catch up a little bit.

Almost one year into this thing and here are my stats:

Completed tasks: 19
Tasks in Progress: 13
Tasks that will not be completed: 4

Many of the tasks that are in progress will be completed very soon and I intend to have all of them completed before I return to work near the end of June. As for the tasks that will not be completed, all but one were simply because I dropped the ball: One was something to do each year and I didn't do it in 2009; two were things to do each month and I went several months without even realizing I wasn't doing them; and I am sad about the fouth one, #5 Visit Jen and Eric in Arizona. We won't be able to complete this task because they have moved out of Arizona due to Eric's job promotion! Fantastic for Eric, for sure, but I am so sad that we didn't get out there to see them while they were there. They are in Nevada now so even though it isn't on my list, it is now a personal goal to visit them there!

I have come to realize that the chances of me finishing even 90% of the list are pretty slim but I anticipated that possibility when I started the list by adding #100 - "Donate $1 to charity for every task not completed on the 1,002nd day". How can I feel bad about what I haven't accomplished when it will benefit a charity? Nonetheless, I am not going to use that as my excuse not to finish and I am going to do my best to get as many things done as possible.

I have several blogs to write to get caught up so stay tuned!

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