Thursday, May 13, 2010

#78 Write Down 10 Reasons Why I Love My Husband and Give it to Him

Corey and I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss on April 30th of this year and this month it will be 12 years in total that we have been together. We have been together so long that I barely remember life without him in it. He's my rock and I genuinely love him more than the day we got married. He's an intelligent, handsome, honest, hard-working gentleman and everything I could have asked the good Lord for in a husband and the father of my children.

So back to the task. On our anniversary this year, I decided to write ten reasons why I love him in the card I gave him. It took up both sides of a regular sized greeting card and I wrote in my smallest print! I didn't want to just write a quick reason like "You're cute" or whatever so I elaborated on all the reasons so he really understood each one. It was a private thing though, so as much as I want to tell everyone all the reasons why I am the most fortunate wife in the world, it wouldn't be right. A lot of it is just between us and I like it that way.

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