Friday, January 15, 2010

#30 Watch 5 Movies That I Haven't Already Seen From the Top 250 Movies on IMDB (3/5)

For my third movie, I chose the animated hit Ratatouille. Currently, this movie is #161 in the top 250 with a rating of 8.1 out of 10 and 118,564 votes. I have to admit that I am not normally a huge fan of animated films. The last one I watched was Kung Fu Panda and it made me want someone to kung fu my eyeballs out. I like a lot of the old school Disney ones but most of the newer ones that everyone makes a big deal hold no interest for me whatsoever. I like a little bit of reality in my entertainment, I guess. However, I digress, because this movie was pretty cute. They managed to make make Parisian rats look pretty darn adorable and suckered me into seeing why people think Paris looks so great. The food looks fabulous and the city looks beautiful. It makes you want to go see the beautiful city and eat the amazing food! I picked this movie off the list because I knew that it had a lot of good reviews from people I know and that I probably would never choose to watch if not to check a movie off my list. I'm glad that I did. Really cute premise and I will not be bothered if one day my child wants to add this to her movie collection.


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  2. So, being the Frenchy-lova that I am...I thought I would adore this was just OK but I am glad you watched it. We should pick out a movie or two on the list to watch together while y'all are here!