Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#64 Go to a Sushi Restaurant

Word to the wise: If you create a 101 in 1,001 blog (1) do not say you will blog about every task and (2) do not create any tasks that require you to blog once a month! I have three blogs that are in my queue to write and another one due by the end of the day tomorrow. Ahhh!

OK, now that that is off my chest, let's move on. By the way, I can't remember if I have said this before, but I am not going to count tasks for more than one # on my list. For example, I could have counted this one for #64 as well as #45 but I have decided that they are all independent of each other and will only be counted once.

This task has been one of my favorites so far because it happened completely unexpectedly! On July 27th I arrived home to my husband standing there with car keys in hand saying, "Let's go!" and I'm like, "Where? We don't have any plans that I am aware of..." He tells me that he has a surprise for me. The sad thing was that at that time I had a standing running appointment with my friend every Monday and he had forgotten about so I had to totally burst his bubble and tell him that we couldn't go! He was sooooo disappointed. I asked if we could reschedule and he was just so sad about it because he really wanted it to be a total surprise and knew that now I would be expecting something and the surprise would be gone. My husband knows me well so he was right on. As I predicted, he "surprised" me the next night when I got home from work! I was still very excited because I had no idea what we were doing. We get in the car and he drives me to Royal Oak and parks on one of the side streets and walks me to this sushi restaurant. I was like, "Oh, you are so cute, you wanted to help me cross something off my list!" but the funny thing is that he didn't realize I had one item specifically designated to a sushi restaurant, he just thought he would help me cross off a new restaurant. The other reason why he took me there is the reason why I couldn't blog about this until after I announced my pregnancy. He took me there because it was during our first month "trying" to get pregnant and he knew that if I got pregnant I would not be allowed to have sushi the whole time. So the real point of him taking me out was to talk about trying for a baby and to have a last harrah in case it happened. Well, as you all know, it happened! So I am very thankful we had this night! This was also the night that we decided that if it didn't happen this month that we were probably going to go back to putting it on hold because we were getting a bit of cold feet and realizing that there were still some things that should probably be done before we really did this. Anyway, that is neither here nor there now so back to the restaurant. It was such a fabulous little place. It is called the Ronin Sushi Bar and it is on 4th St. We had four different kinds of sushi, I had wine and Corey had beer. The sushi was good but it definitely helped me realize that I am not someone who LOVES sushi. I like it as an appetizer where I have one piece here and there. It is just a little too raw fishy for my taste. :) We enjoyed our food and the atmosphere and then walked over to a cigar/jazz lounge and had another drink while Corey smoked a cigar. Corey gave me a card that he had written a long note in about how he was excited to go on this journey with me and he was looking forward to all the "trying" - ha! So much for that! It was such a nice night with my wonderful hubby and we had such great conversation - I couldn't have asked for a better pre-pregnancy night out!

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  1. hey Jill!! i love reading your blog...you are very well-written!! i just had a comment about the whole sushi thing...i too am not a raw fish kind of person and until recently only would get veggie rolls...then on a recent trip to a sushi restaurant for a birthday party, Kevin and i (Kev's not a raw fish guy either) got a shrimp tempura roll...DELICIOUS!!! it's cooked shrimp, so no raw fishy taste...just thougth i'd share in case you decide to give sushi a try again!! congrats again on the baby...looking forward to more belly photos!! speaking of which...i took pics of my belly (side view)every week from about the 16th week until the very end....VERY cool to look back at those...i highly recommend documenting your pregnancy that way!!