Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#45 Go to 10 New Restaurants (2/10)

I put off writing a few blogs until I announced I was pregnant and this is one of them because there is a funny story that goes along with it. On the Friday after I found out that I was pregnant, my friend Megan (also known as my brother-in-law's girlfriend or my Goddaughter's mama) invited me to join her for a breast cancer money-raising event at her friend's house and for "drinks" afterward with her other friend. I said yes to the party before I knew about the afterparty. She knew that Corey was off playing poker and would have thought I was a weirdo if I said yes to the party and no to the drinks so I agreed to both. So we go to the party and stay for like fifteen minutes because there are a million people there and she only knows a few of them and not even very well and Maddie (niece & Goddaughter, for those who don't know) was being a little fussy. Then we dropped off Maddie t the grandparents and met up with Megan's friend. This whole time I am wondering what the hell I am doing. Megan picked me up so I have no car and my husband won't be done with poker until like 1am and Megan is going to be so suspicious if I just say that I don't feel like drinking after agreeing to go out for drinks! So I decide that I will start feigning a stomach ache, which isn't very far fetched because I get them pretty frequently. We get to the restaurant and I say that I don't feel good and order a water. She apparently thinks nothing of it. They get to ordering their second beers and she is like, "Are you sure you don't want anything?" and I tell her I don't think so yet. They drink another beer and she says, "You know, I bet a drink will make you feel better!" and I'm like no way man, not going to work. A few minutes later, "Maybe a shot will make you feel better - clear you right out!"...a few minutes later, "You know what always works for me? A cigarette! You should try it!" and I don't smoke so she probably knew I wouldn't do it anyway but it made me laugh. Then I started to feel bad because she started to be like, "Do you want to go home? Are you not having any fun?" because she thought I was feeling pretty bad! So the entire night goes on and she seriously will not let up and the entire time I am battling with myself whether or not to just tell her but I didn't want her friend that I hardly know to know. I wasn't very far along at all and Corey's parents didn't even know yet and...ahhhh!! It was really funny and I had a good time but I just wanted to go home at the end because I was so stressed out with this damn secret! Needless to say, I vowed that I would not be putting myself in this situation again until the word was out!

Oh yeah - the restaurant! It is called Coratti's on Main in downtown Milford, MI and we were there during the annual Milford Memories festival. We ate outside at a teeny tiny table with a band playing right next to us and a million people all around us. It was a beautiful night to be eating outside. I started out with a ceasar side salad that was just OK. Then, always my favorite part of any restaurant meal, fresh garlic bread and olive oil dipping sauce...mmmmmmm! Then Megan and I shared a margherita pizza that was soooooo delicious! I totally recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area that has a chance to visit. Based on my meal, you will not be disappointed. Here is the website if you want to check out the menu:

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