Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#16 Get a Bun in My Proverbial Oven

Yuck, I can't believe I am posting this picture! But it was taken on the day that we found out we are pregnant and I was very happy. I will probably love this picture in a few months when I can't see my feet any longer so I am just posting it without looking back.

So, um...this task is complete way sooner than I thought it would be. We only "tried" for one month and got extremely lucky. The baby is due sometime around April 15, 2010! We went to the doctor yesterday and we saw the baby on an ultrasound and its' little heart just beating away so we decided that we were comfortable letting the world know our wonderful news. Today I am nine weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good. I seem to have night sickness many nights rather than morning sickness but I have heard so many other nightmare first trimester stories that I am very hesitant to complain about any little probem I experience. Plus, it changes all the time. I will be having one problem for a few days then it goes away and I am on to a new problem. One constant seems to be fatigue! I have been tired for the last five weeks with no reprieve. I guess it is just a reminder of what it will be like when I have a newborn.

It doesn't feel real yet. When I say "my baby" or "our child" or "when the baby comes" it always just feels like I am talking about myself in some alternate universe or in some really abstract sense. I can't believe I am going to be someone's mother!

Any and all motherly advice or words of wisdom is welcome and wanted!


  1. Jill, I am so happy for you and Corey. You are entering a new and thrilling phase of your life. There might be days when you have that fleeting moments when you think oh if I could go back to my old life but then you look at that little face and think I don't want to go back what a blessing I have been given. My best advice to you is enjoy every minute of your childs life begining with your pregnancy and from there on because it goes by so fast. One day you are holding that precious little baby for the first time and then you blink and you are sending that precious little baby off to school. I remember saying to Jim when Jayme was about 6 months old it won't be long and she will be off to school and Jim said to me we have a long time before that well yesterday I put my baby on the school bus for her first day of kindergarten and let me tell you time flew by. So enjoy it all, every and Corey will be wonderful parents.

    p.s. I had night sickness too. Felt great in the morning but by the time evening rolled around I did not feel so good...but one thing I was never tired I had lots of energy which was great because I cleaned lots of houses at the time and I cleaned my last house two days before Jayme was born. If you have any question for me feel free to ask and take care of deserve it.

  2. Jill just remember to take every moment as a treasure it is all precious even the sickness ( well mayber not precious :) ) but the little one you are carring is ! It is one of the greatest gifts from GOD ! You won't believe how much you could love someone you have never even seen yet it is amazing :) My husband and my kids mean the world to me and soon my grandbaby will be right there too ! So many blessings in so many ways !! Congratulations Love you all !

  3. Congrats!
    Two things that seem contridictory... 1.remember parents are needed because little ones don't "know" everything yet...give them time and space to be a child while you teach them.
    2. one of your most important jobs as a parent is to grow them up so they can stand on their own 2 feet and leave you.

    Also, don't get stuck on the idea of wanting your children to "just be happy" Happiness can be so them how to be good. Which of course none of us can do very well without Christ.

    I'm getting off my "soap box" :) I know you guys well be great parents. Love ya