Saturday, September 17, 2011


Remember this post?  Well, just want to let you know that I am still completely enamored with Pinterest.  In the last month or so I have pinned 241 things!  I have been in love with Google Reader for a long time now - maybe 2 years - and not too long ago I discovered the ability to "star" posts.  That is probably completely old news to anyone who uses GR, but I was way excited about it because up until then I would just keep good posts unread until I printed them out or did whatever it was that I wanted to do from them.  So for someone like me who is OCD and did not enjoying having unread items in her feed when they were in fact very read, this was not cool.  Well, Pinterest is essentially the same thing as starring, except the whole world is opened up to you.  I think the site should actually be called Pinspire because it inspires me I cannot get over how many wonderfully creative people are in the world.  It just seriously makes my heart so happy.

I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of all the pins that I have actually accomplished, so here goes.  Oh.  Admittedly I am a huge lame-o because I haven't taken pictures of hardly any of the things I have done, so all you get are the pics from Pinterest.  So sorry.

Under the sink organization.  I bought two metal mesh ones from Ikea for $6.99 and it fit all of our plastic wrap, foil and plastic bags.  It is such a small thing but a really great organizational improvement for us!  I HATED sorting through all those boxes just laying in the cabinet.

I lied. I do have one picture example but it is actually something that I posted in my last blog.  I saw this picture on Pinterest, but for some reason I did not repin it so I am very sorry but I cannot give the originator credit:

As soon as I saw it, I had to do it for my Goddaughter and also for my Josie.  I whipped these up on Picnik in just a few minutes.

(Did I ever share these photo shoots with you?  I was pretty proud of both of them. And did I share how I made Josie's tutu??  SUPER easy.)

Adorable jacket pattern for a baby girl.  I am not much of a sewer (it really weirds me out that that is the right word, btw) so I commissioned one of my best pal's best pal to make it for me!  I bought the pattern, now I just need to buy the fabric and send it to her.

Just realized that I lied again.  I have another picture!  Check out this sweet idea for a baby boy photo:

It was my smart hubby's idea to use felt instead of construction paper, in order to eliminate any potential glare.  Here are some of the pics we got last weekend when I took my ridiculously ADORABLE nephew's 6-month pics:

Unfortunately, I didn't get as many good ones from this as I had hoped.  #1 The tape was not sticking well to the felt or the binky - I wish I would have given that a little more thought and tested it out beforehand and #2 The hubs made them for me and didn't really take into account the size of the baby's face so they were a little large and his nose was covered too much in most of the pics. He also cut out a fu-man-chu, but due to the problems I just listed, it just didn't work.  Case in point:

Fortunately, they plan on having a Duggar-sized fam so I am sure we will have another little to give it a go on.

As it turns out, this post is getting pretty long and I haven't even covered half of it!  I will be back to finish up later - hope you enjoyed!


  1. Omg. That ending killed me. Love girl. Please oh please can mad dies have that coat? We need it. It's the cutest. Who's sewing? Can I pay for one too?

  2. LOVE the pic ideas! I am obsessed with Pinterest as well and can't wait to try this out on my soon to be 8 year old!