Monday, September 19, 2011

Josie {17 months}

How can it be that I have a child who is 17 months old?  How can it be that she is walking (i.e., running) and talking?  How can it be that we are so lucky?

Today Josie still has her night night.  We see no end in sight and are okay with that for the moment.  We have made it off limits when she is at home but she can have it for sleeping and for public outings (admittedly, just makes life easier).

Today Josie is a picky, unpredictable eater.  You give her something one day and she loves it.  The next day, notsomuch.  The only thing that I can predict is that I will be frustrated and she will not eat much - that much is true 90% of the time.  We throw away more food every day than I would like to admit but the girl certainly isn't starving.  At, I am guessing, 26ish pounds she is downright solid.  The things that she often will not turn down are yogurt, cheese, green beans, olives and anything that we are eating.  That last part does not mean that she will actually swallow something you give her from your plate, but she will beg for it.  It is probably something that we should discourage more than we do but when she has hardly eaten anything and then seems to want what you have, it is very difficult to turn her down. 

Can't you just feel the mischief?
Today Josie is so smart.  I know this is so cliche and every parent says it but you know what?  All of our children are smart.  Everyone else might not see it the same as we do, but we all see the best parts of our children and know what makes them special.  Josie is saying more words than I can count and is sure to give her best attempt at repeating any word we give her.  If we count to 10, she will say a lot of the #'s as we go. If we sing the ABC song, she will become quite intent on listening and toward the end you can hear her telling you "TUVWXYZ" and then, "...meeee!".  She can show you all of the parts of your face and a good amount of your body parts to you and she can point them out on herself, too. She loves to give a nose a good honk and she loves to poke eyes. She love love loves Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Ring Around the Rosie.  She thinks it is the funniest thing if she tickles you and you laugh like crazy and she will do it until you won't let her do it anymore.  Oh yeah, and on a SUPER cute note, it is the coolest thing when I see her do something just like her daddy. Like the way she sticks out her tongue just a little bit when she is really concentrating. 

Today Josie LOVES music.  She instantly smiles if someone she knows starts singing, no matter where she is she will stop and start to sway if she hears a catchy tune, and it is a nightly occurance to see her dancing and twirling in the living room.  There are certain songs that we make a point of playing in the car sometimes because they are sure to have her smiling as big as she can and shaking her booty in her seat - Ice Ice Baby, Pumped Up Kicks and Rolling in the Deep, just to name a few.

Today Josie is a beautiful little lady. Her hair is most definitely in a mullet style, officially. Mama just hasn't gotten around to taking her in but don't be sad because her smooth, silky locks will not allow little pigtails in the back so don't cry for the imminent loss of it.  In her light-the-whole-room-up smile, she has the majority of her baby teeth except her cuspids and 2nd molars, which from my research seems to be right on track.  She is rocking a size 6 shoe, and depending on where you are shopping, she is pretty much in 18 months clothes.  Carter's 18 months is still a little big, while Old Navy 18-24 months is just about perfect.  The pants are usually a little long but I guess that is where the "-24 months" part of the size come into play!  When Josie wears disposable diapers, she is perfectly in a size 4.

Today Josie loves to test her limits. She says an emphatic "No!" at every opportunity and if you are saying no to her, she will touch the off-limits item and look you right in the eye and say "Okay!" as she is touching whatever it is you are asking her not to touch.  Josie has already seen a few time-outs and a few hand smacks.  But isn't there some kind of saying about the smartest kids being the most stubborn or something?  No, you say?  Well, there should be.

Today Josie is our heart.  She smiles, we smile.  She laughs, we laugh.  She cries...well, I won't go that far...

Yes, I am aware that this picture quality super sucks but this is the only family pic we have taken in a few months!


  1. Oh my heart. It's about to explode. My sweet Josephine, I love you so much. You are a very lucky girl to have 2 of the greatest parents I know.

  2. She is SO big now! Oh my gosh I remember when you first announced you were pregnant! Times go by entirely too quickly. No worries on the night night either. The princess had hers until she was around 19 months and no permanent damage done. ;-)