Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It is Wednesday so you know what time it is!  I know you are dying to hear what I am loving...

Check out the WILW originator over at This Kind of Love .

::Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack  

This is an oddly delicious combo of vanilla ice cream, salty caramel swirl and chocolate-covered-potato-chip clusters!  I really did not expect to like it.  In fact, I actually bought it for my husband and bought myself their S'More's flavor.  

But now this is probably my most favorite ice cream ever!  I may or may not have eaten an entire pint of it for lunch on Sunday.  

I heard Jimmy Fallon talking about this on the radio recently and he mentioned that all of the proceeds from this flavor are going to charity (he said which one but I cannot remember).  The crazy thing is that I looked all over the container and all over the Ben & Jerry's website and I did not see this mentioned anywhere.  Now, this could mean one of three things:
#1 Ben & Jerry's are so humble in their philanthropy that they do not want to be showy about the fact that they are giving up the profit on this ice cream, 
#2 Ben & Jerry's is not giving any of the money to proceeds to charity and Jimmy was lying, or #3 I mis-heard Jimmy and he was saying that his show's profit on the ice cream is the only profit that is going to charity, in which case it would make sense for Ben & Jerry not to advertise because it would not be their endeavor.  

I wonder.

::I am loving this Nordstrom dress.  Mi wonderful madre gave me a Nordstrom gift card for Mother's Day and I got myself this little ditty.  I got it with black and grey stripes and I really think it looks way cuter in person.

::I am kind of loving the Words with Friends app for Android.  But I am also in a state of constant irritation with one of my pals who is apparently the freaking Words with Friends King and he thinks that it is appropriate to play words like Li, Gi, Da, Ag and Bewig.  Seriously?  Seriously?! And on top of that, every word he does gets about 846 points so I have no chance of winning against this cheater.  Alas, I still love it.  When I am not playing against cheaters.

Oh yeah, and my husband's name is TheWordminator.  So funny!

::I am loving This blog post that I read yesterday and I almost died laughing.  I don't think that everyone will find it as funny as I did but I was literally crying laughing.  The hubs thought I was losing it.  I hate camping and I think violent diarrhea stories are hilarious, so it is right up my alley.

::Lastly, I am in love with Picnik again.  I go through phases with this site.  I don't have any photo editing software so this is really convenient when I love a picture but it just needs a little something' somethin'.  For Father's Day, I made the hubs a photo frame and it had these pics in it, in this order:

Text came out a little too says "Daddy is so nice to cuddle with".

This one says, "...and he's pretty handsome (for a dad)..."

And this one says, "...and I sure do love playing with him!"  Also says "My daddy is pretty much my hero" at the bottom. Really wish I would have made that white so it would have stood out more.

 I know...super cheesy, right?  But he totally loved it.  He said it was the first "daddy" gift he has received that he almost shed a tear over!  I love my 'lil sensitive baby daddy.  I know not every guy would appreciate this cheesefest.

Oh, and here is what I originally created, but Costco couldn't print it due to the odd shape.

Happy Wednesday!  

If you are reading and you participated in WILW, please share with me!

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