Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linking up again for the second week in a row!!  I am so proud of myself, you do not even know.  I have been thinking about it all week.  I am such a huge dork.

Check out the WILW originator over at This Kind of Love .

The #1 thing that I am loving today is that my nails are having a great moment.  This happens for me, oh, I don't know, every 6 months or so.  And that is a good year.  On any given day they are sure to be chipping and tearing and completely weak.  So the fact that the nails you see below have only been filed and clear coated once in the last 2 weeks and they still look like this is a major feat.

I am loving that my baby girl sleeps like her daddy.  Sweats like him, too, for the record. (It was hot last night in our house, if you couldn't tell.)

I am loving my Levi's.  Between October and January I lost about 25 lbs and shrunk myself right out of my super tight 12's into a slim and trim 8!  I am pretty proud of it because normally I am not so great at sticking to things like this.  Heath bars?  Yes, please.  Kale salad?  No, thanks.  But I did Weight Watchers and loved it.  So I hadn't bought great jeans in a while because I pretty much just hated how I looked in every thing.  Even jeans, which had always been my go-to-and-look-pretty-good clothing item, looked terrible.  So after I lost the weight I went into a Levi's store and had them measure me for their new Curve ID jeans.  They determined that I am a "Demi-Curve", which basically means that I am not very straight up and down but I am also not super pear-shaped.  

OMG.  I adore these jeans.  

I have gotten more comments about how skinny I am in these jeans than I have in my whole life.  Literally.  And just to be clear - I am not skinny now.  I am at the weight my body should be and people are just shocked because it has been a long time since anyone has seen me this way.  And there is a reason that I get those comments when I am wearing these jeans - it is the JEANS, people!  I seriously think that they could make any butt look great.  I have 3 pairs now and I am in love.  The best part?  They make me look skinny They are only $60!  That is a great price for fabulous jeans, if you ask me.  So if you are in the market for jeans, go into your local Levi's store or here, get measured for your Curve ID, tell them CoreysGal sent you and then tell me if you love them as much as I love mine!  Make sure that you sign up for their e-mails - I get coupons all the time.  Also, for what it is worth, I LOVE Levi's on my husband, too.

Lastly, on this fine Wednesday, I am loving Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combos.  I bought a couple of these last week because I had a coupon for them and they are so good!  It is the perfect serving for lunch or a light dinner (I know 390 calories is a lot for lunch for some people counting calories but NOT ME).  There are a couple different ones but I had the one pictured below.  The sandwich comes with a slice of cheese and a mustard packet.  Then you get a Jell-O sugar free mousse and that was very yummy.  I always always always want something sweet after lunch so that totally did the trick for me.  I definitely recommend this for people who are not into always putting their meals together.  The only thing I hate is all the non-recyclable plastic it contains.  Not cool.

Gosh, I could have totally gotten some free stuff for these glowing reviews, huh?  Oscar Mayer, Levi's - do you hear that?  I LOVE YOU!  ;)

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  1. You hear of the Levi commercial boasting how amazing the fit is on their jeans but to have someone actually say it is different. I'll have to remember that next time I need some jeans. :)

    And I love the new Oscar Meyer sandwich stuff. I really love their cracker sandwiches with fruit - yum!

    Happy Wednesday!