Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday(ish)

I am linking up to another blog for the first time!  Woohoo! 

Without any further ado, here is what I am loving.

That I got an invite to Pinterest!  I haven't went yet because I am really afraid that I might get another unhealthy obsession...buuuuuut I got an invite and I can begin obsessing whenever I am ready!!

Oprah, for so many things, including giving me new words and phrases in my vocabulary like schlumpadinka and ugly cry.  I loved the Oprah Winfrey Show and something that I am NOT loving is that it is over.  Cue the ugly cry.

Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye PrimerOMG.  I have always hated getting the yucky shadow crease on my eyelid but just accepted it as a fact of life.  Until now.  This stuff works ALL DAY and at the end of the day my eyelid feels as dry as it did 15 hours before!  I am also loving that the regular price of this stuff is $20 but I got it in a little set that had a fantastic mascara, a three color eye shadow palette AND an eyeliner!  Lastly, loving that I paid for it with a gift card.  Um, does it get better?  The answer is no.

My new book, Mamarazzi, to help me learn how to take fab pictures of my baby girl. I got the recommendation from two of my my fave blogs whom are featured in the book!  I have only gotten to quickly browse through it but I can already tell that it is going to be soooo helpful in helping me make the most of my pictures of little J.  Speaking of those two blogs, check out Kelle over at Enjoying The Small Things and Sherry over at Young House Love

Speaking of blogs, I am loving this girl.  She is so freaking funny, it's not funny (but actually is funny...hmm, that phrase is pretty dumb and I should stop using it...).  I LOL every.single.time I read this blog.  If you don't know MODG, you should.  And if you know more people like MODG, please introduce me.  Internetly-speaking, that is.

OK, seriously? I would really love to blog more but it is sooo time consuming.  I don't know how it is possible to blog like this every day!  My Wednesday post is now getting posted on Thursday because it has taken me so damn long to write this, what with all these linkies and pics.


  1. Love Pinterest. Definitely see you LOVING it too!!!

  2. We love a lot of the same things! :-)
    And I LOVE LOVE your daughter's name - SO cute! :-)

  3. I'm terrified of pinterest. I already have so many other ways to waste my time...adding another may cause me to lose productivity all together!

    I'm still not over the end of Oprah. I will probably have a schlumpadinka weekend to wallow in my emo over her leaving me. Sniffle.