Monday, June 27, 2011

{30 day} photo fun - day 27

{Day 27 - My Weakness}

Truthfully, I have way too many weaknesses.  Most of them are food related.  So I took two pictures for this challenge, one food and one non-food.

Coffee.  Not so much my weakness because it has caffeine or because it stains my teeth but more so because I really like the ones with lots of fat.  For the last 6 months or more, I have gotten all my coffee sans fat but, for some reason, I decided to get a McDonald's Iced Mocha WITH whip WITH fatty milk a few weeks ago.  DAMMIT...why, why did I get it again??  My $0.50 Keurig coffee with Coffeemate fat-free french vanilla liquid creamer is delicious!  I actually even like this very same drink without whip and nonfat but is that what I get??  Noooo.  Please, someone talk some sense in to me!  Part of the reason why I have been able to keep the weight off is that I have been really good about breakfast and lunch and I swear these freaking ($3.50) Mickey D coffees are gonna put it all back on.

Makeup and make up tools.  Now, not just any makeup either, but expensive makeup.    Nothing you see in this picture cost less than $15...I would venture that nothing in here even costs less than $25, but I am drawing a blank and I think some may be $18ish...  Anywho, that is expensive to me.  But soooo worth it.  I can seriously justify this stuff because I use every last speck of it and I don't care about the stupid rules about makeup expiration that you read about in Cosmo, I keep that shiz for a long time and until it is GONE.  (I get so ghetto when I get fired up - what is that about?)  

$90 makeup case?  Had it for 5 years.  $35 blush brush?  Had at least 5 years.  Concealer? The makeup artist told me that hers lasted for about 3 months - I am going on 7 and no end is in sight.  Let's ignore the fact that MAC artists wear like 3 inches of concealer and foundation.  I wear it on several spots on my face.  I will stop there because I am sure you get the point.

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  1. Ha! This cracked me up because I have such a weakness for blended coffees it's ridiculous! Oh and I am notoriously cheap and see nothing wrong with holding on to your makeup brushes!