Saturday, May 14, 2011

#48 Plant a Tree


Ugh...sooooo annoyed!  This is what happens every time I sit down to blog.  I think that maybe I should rearrange the layout or change the description or update photos, etc, etc, etc and then I spend so much time trying to figure the damn thing out that I decide I will not blog after all.

Anywho, I wanted to add a link to my 101 in 1,001 list in my blog sidebar since I decided I want to blog about a couple of things from it soon. Oh well.  Click on this link, in case you are interested. 

This weekend, the hubby and I planted a tree in our yard!  Let me just say that our yard is a huge work in progress and has been since day one.  Every year we tackle a little area at the beginning of spring and then proceed pretty much not to touch the yard again until the next year.  So, needless to say, year after year, there is not all that much change.  So we are really going to try to work on that this year.  This year we have a little girl who is going to want to run ALL over that yard and we want it to not be an awful experience.  Our plans involve a swing set, a sand box, a new sidewalk and lots of yard bags for all the leaves and twigs and weeds that we need to dispose of.  So hopefully I will update you on the progress of that soon.  Please pray for us - this kind of thing is NOT our strong suit. 

ANYWAY.  For Mother's day, we decided that we should plant a tree.  I have never done it in my adult life, it seemed somewhat symbolic of me growing as a mother every day and there are many reasons why we (and you!) should plant a tree.

Here are some interesting facts about trees:
  • Just three trees strategically planted around your home can cut your air conditioning bill in half.
  • A healthy tree, say a 32 ft tall ash tree, can produce about 260 lb of oxygen annually - two trees supply the oxygen needs of a person for a year!
  • Hospital patients have been shown to recover from surgery more quickly when their hospital room offered a view of trees.
It's going to grow up to 30 ft!

Now, don't be jealous of how sweet I look.  You wish that you could rock your capris and sneaks like I can.

Please try to ignore the broken fence.  A tree fell on it and it completely bent so that is also on our "to-be-fixed" list. 

My mommy tree!  BTW - You know how I know that I am getting old?  Not only would I have died before I posted these pics on the web for the world to see, I would have rather worn a paper sack and no shoes than be seen outside of my house in this outfit, with that headband and no makeup.  The fact that I didn't care was kind of scary.  I do, however, still draw the line at actually leaving my yard looking like this.  How long do you give me for that to change?

Kissing my new little oxygenator.  Little tree, I promise to love you like the mother I now am and not to kill you like all of your ancestors I have placed in this very same soil.  :)

Now go plant a tree! 

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