Tuesday, June 9, 2009

101 in 1,001

The Mission
Complete 101 preset tasks in 1,001 days.

The Criteria
Tasks must be specific (i.e., no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e., represent some amount of work on your part).

*Items in italics have been completed!
*Items in green are currently in progress
*Items in red will not be completed :(

Thanks to Everam01 for the list mission and criteria.
  1. Attend a taping of Saturday Night Live
  2. Visit Kevin and Emily in Ohio (completed June 2011)
  3. Go to the movie premiere of New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn
  4. Go to Yellowstone National Park
  5. Visit Jen and Eric in Arizona
  6. Visit Amanda in Florida
  7. Arrive everywhere fifteen minutes early for 7 consecutive days (0/7)
  8. Make a valiant effort to be asleep by 10pm for 5 consecutive nights (0/5)
  9. Close your eyes for this one family members.....................have sex 30 days in a row
  10. Learn how to make Grandma's pancakes from Grandma Dubs
  11. Contribute something homemade to the Dubs family reunion (completed July 2011)
  12. Knit or crochet a baby blanket
  13. Learn how to make mom's avgolemono soup
  14. Make a work-appropriate playlist for my iPod
  15. Complete Tonya's scrapbook (completed 6/1/10)
  16. Get a bun in my proverbial oven (completed July 2009)
  17. Take a photograph every day for a month and make a scrapbook page with the photos
  18. Create a lullaby mix CD for babies (completed February 2011)
  19. Hand write a letter to someone I admire and send it to them
  20. Learn how to drive a stick shift (completed 7/4/09)
  21. See Jack Johnson in concert again
  22. Teach myself the countries of each continent and know their general whereabouts (0/7)
  23. Take a verse from the Bible and write a blog about it once a month
  24. Go to a local farmer's market (completed 5/7/10)
  25. Discover 5 previously unknown-to-me music artists (1/5)
  26. Once a month teach someone a word I just learned
  27. Buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket (completed March 2011 - did not have result I expected...)
  28. Read 3 biographies (0/3)
  29. Read "East of Eden"
  30. Watch 5 movies that I haven't already seen from the top 250 movies on IMDB (completed September 2010)
  31. Take pictures relating to 10 of these completed tasks and post on blog (completed May 2011)
  32. Put pictures in all of our frames and hang on walls
  33. Transfer all CD's into iTunes (completed 7/16/09)
  34. Back up photos (which includes the task of getting get all photos off old computer) (completed May 2011)
  35. Make homemade ear cleaner for Deuce
  36. Do whatever I need to do to get my printer to work with Windows Vista (completed 6/11/09)
  37. Get my cholesterol checked
  38. Take a baking class
  39. Finish painting all of the trim in the house
  40. Make my mom the bracelet she has been asking me to make (completed December 2010)
  41. Have a bonfire and invite at least 20 people (completed 9/23/09)
  42. Convince Corey to build me a bookshelf (completed April 2011)
  43. Go to an MSU football game
  44. Go 7 consecutive days without actively seeking Twilight related news (completed May 2010)
  45. Go to 10 new restaurants (completed at some point in 2011)
  46. Send two postcards from two separate vacations (1/2)
  47. Send my mom and Corey's mom flowers for no particular reason
  48. Plant a tree (completed 5/8/11)
  49. Participate in a charity walk/run (completed 6/5/10)
  50. Leave a 50% tip
  51. Go through kitchen cupboards and make a donation to Hospitality House (completed 6/8/10)
  52. Send/give someone a surprise gift once each year
  53. Go to a comedy show (completed 7/3/09)
  54. Experience a gospel church
  55. Do gluten free diet for 3 weeks (completed 6/25/09)
  56. Do not drink pop for 30 consecutive days (completed 5/27/10)
  57. Plant and attempt to grow vegetables
  58. Take a vitamin for 30 consecutive days (completed 9/16/09)
  59. Do full body stretching every other day for a month (0/15)
  60. Do 50 crunches daily for a month (0/30)
  61. Walk 30 minutes a day for a month (0/30)
  62. Send a video to Oprah in response to one of her online questions (completed March 2011)
  63. Get a spray tan
  64. Go to a sushi restaurant (completed 7/28/09)
  65. Read 10 books by authors I have never read before (completed 2010)
  66. Pay off GM credit card (completed May 2011)
  67. Refinance home equity loan
  68. Do not charge on the Macy's card for 3 consecutive months (completed 5/20/10)
  69. Go to Henry Ford Museum
  70. Read the entire "Outlander" book series (3/7)
  71. Get prescription sunglasses
  72. Allow myself to change just one of these tasks because "it just ain't gonna happen"
  73. Go to the Detroit Institute of Art
  74. Get life insurance for both Corey and I
  75. Visit my dad's grave for the first time (completed 6/11/09)
  76. Go waaayyy out of my comfort zone and give 10 strangers a compliment (0/10)
  77. Write in a gratitude journal for 30 consecutive days (0/30)
  78. Write down 10 reasons why I love my husband and give it to him (completed 4/30/10)
  79. Teach Deuce to stay still with a treat on his snout
  80. Take Roper through a dog agility course
  81. Learn a new language with a friend - Italian, anyone??
  82. Do not curse for 7 consecutive days (0/7)
  83. Do not go online or watch TV for an entire Saturday and Sunday (at home)
  84. Accept a compliment without responding with a self-deprecating comment
  85. Get glammed up with the hubby and go out for a night on the town
  86. Convince 1 person to create a 101 in 1,001 blog (directly or indirectly) (completed 7/6/09)
  87. Mail someone a card for no special reason (0/5)
  88. Make a homemade cherry pie with the cherries from our yard (completed 10/17/09)
  89. Complete a 1,000+ piece puzzle
  90. Go skinny dipping with Corey (or in my current state, chunky dunking) (completed 7/5/09)
  91. Do not complain about a single thing for one entire day
  92. Blog about each completed task (decided that I needed to nix this one)
  93. Get a professional massage (completed March 2010)
  94. Take my mom to a baseball game
  95. Buy and wear a skirt NOT for a special occasion (completed 6/29/09)
  96. Have my palm read or get a tarot card reading
  97. Go to a pottery painting place and paint something
  98. Buy Madelyn one book a month for a year and write a note in each (completed 5/8/11)
  99. Write down everything that happens on 9/9/09, 10/10/10 and 11/11/11 (1/3)
  100. Donate a $1 to charity for every task on this list that is not completed on the 1,002nd day
  101. Create a blog to track progress of 101 in 1,001 (completed 6/9/09)


  1. Ok, so this is round one of my comments. I have a good 900 and some odd days to say everything I want to say. So here are some knee jerk, first glance....thoughts! Love ya girl!

    9. I think I may just give this one a shot too. Sounds fun! (Don’t hurt Corey)
    14. Really? I think you should take our Club Gust list to work.
    16. I so hope it is in God’s plan for us to be pregnant at the same time.
    17. This is a great plan- you need to take notes of what was on your mind or heart when you took the picture.
    19. Can’t wait to get my letter
    20. I will teach you when you’re here. The Miata is a stick.
    23. Also a good one. God will be stoked!
    24. We have lots of those here too- so if “local” is relative…
    35. That’s a little weird.
    39. Why don’t you do mine instead?
    44. But………………………..why?
    45. I’ve got a fun one we can go to!
    50. At Waffle House, this can mean as much as $4.00
    53. We can do this one when you're here. Great place near us and I have free admission coupons!
    54. The Lawd is alive and we sangin our hearts out down here sista girl! This one will get done in less than a month!
    56. I find this offensive. It’s COKE!
    58. I have had my vitamins sit at my beside for hundreds of days and never taken a one. Let me know how it goes!
    63. I did this last month, it was cool!
    64. Can we make this one and #45 a two for one deal cause I LOVE sushi and I know you haven’t been to any round these parts.
    65. Do you know Og Mandino? If not….make him one of the authors
    66. Is everything y’all do up there GM? Is that like our Coke?
    70. So glad you got me started
    75. This is important Jill. I know I know I know that’s it’s impossible! But you will regret not going, you will never regret going. Pray for the strength and go.
    77. Would like to discuss this further.
    79. Ha!
    81. Again I am offended! Francais!
    82. Ha!
    84. You’re beautiful through and through!
    85. Incorporate #9
    86. DONE!!!!
    89. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it.
    91. Do not complain about a single thing for one entire day
    93.I can assist here as well. I have gift certs!
    95. You will love them. They don’t squeeze you.

  2. I have to start by saying I think this is a great idea. I am looking forward to the blog updates.

    4. Me too!
    9. hahahaha I love this one.
    17. This one is such a great idea. I think I may do this as well. I take so many pictures anyway I think this would make it all the more fun. Maybe we can do this the same month and then compare our pictures.
    20. I tried that it was really scary. I felt like I was breaking the car. It was super fun though. Although I don't remember how.
    24. I love farmers markets. The ones up north are the best. Everytime Gooch and I see one we stop.
    28. I love them. My favorite type of books.
    41. I hope I am lucky enough to be one of the 20 people. ;o)
    43. Gooch and I were talking about going to a Sate game the other night.
    44. yeah right. haha
    45. I love doing this. Gooch and I try to go to a new place as often as possible.
    57. I so badly want to have a veggie garden. That will be one of the first things I do when we buy a house.
    73. Let me know when you are going. I will come with. I love the DIA.
    80. Sweet. You have to record this.
    86. Who knows it might be me.
    90. LOL
    97. This is very fun. There is a place right by my house on Grandriver if you are looking for somewhere to go.

  3. so this is a good idea, but how the heck did you think of all these things?