Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#56 Do Not Drink Pop for 30 Consecutive Days

I have always been a pop drinker. I remember drinking Pepsi from glass bottles when I was a little kid! In my early twenties I made the switch from regular to diet and have since rarely drank regular pop. Conceptually, I know that I should cut it altogether from my diet. In reality, I just like it too damn much! Normally I drink probably one can a day, occasionally one more. When I had Josie in mid-April and started to breastfeed, something felt sort of wrong about consuming much pop knowing that it was going to be part of her diet too. However, for some reason I didn't feel that way when I was pregnant... Anyway, I decided in early May to try the 30 days without it because, at that point, I had already went like 10 days without. It was tough some days but overall, it wasn't too difficult because, like I said, I didn't really want it to be in Josie's diet. The tough times were really only when I was eating greasy food or pizza (again, funny how my brain thinks it is ok for her to get those things...).

Part of the reason I added this task was to have it be a way to get myself out of the habit of drinking pop regularly and hopefully to cut it out of my diet completely. Unfortunately, as soon as it was over I had myself a nice cold Diet Pepsi with some greasy pizza! It has been 11 days since I completed this task and I have had maybe 4 pops at most so I guess I am doing better than before but I haven't felt the desire to cut it ut completely. Oh well - can't say I didn't try!

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