Friday, January 15, 2010

#41 Have a Bonfire and Invite at Least 20 People

We are part of a "small group" at our church (Orchard Grove Community Church) and have been for about two years or so. The idea behind a small group is to get together with people who are sort of at the same stage of life as you and talk about God. When we started the small group, we truely were a small group. Over time we have grown to a group of twenty-four people - so now we are more of a medium group! It has been so much fun to be in this group with the same people we started with, and then to see it grow and add new personalities to our little family. We get together 1-2 times per month and it has always been at our wonderful hosts Joe and Rachel's abode until recently when we decided to change it up a bit. Corey and I have been meaning to have a bonfire for friends and/or family since we have lived in our house and we just have never done it - no good reason. So this was the perfect opportunity to have everyone from our small group over in a different setting. We invited everyone in the group, thus helping us meet that 20 people mark for this task, and we had 16 people come. Cole brought KFC so we sat at the picnic tables eating some good ole' fried chicken and just had a great time filling our faces and catching up. We started the bonfire after dark and we made s'mores. Mmmm! Check out some of the pics we took.

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