Monday, November 16, 2009

#46 Send Two Postcards from Two Separate Vacations (1/2)

Near the end of September, I had to go to France to train and assist some of the individuals working in one of our offices in Paris. I was there for six days and worked like nobody's business. Unfortunately, there was so much that needed to be done that my boss decided that I needed to go back just a few weeks later. So I headed back out at the beginning of October for what was supposed to be a five day trip. On day four we realized that there was still too much to be done and, rather than have to come back again in a few weeks, we would just stay for a few more days. I was supposed to leave on Friday and instead I left on the following Wednesday. So, unexpectedly, we had Saturday and Sunday to see some of Paris. By the way, the "we" I mention consists of two other ladies from different departments that also had to come out. Anyway, the reason that I explained all of that was to justify why I consider this "vacation"! Because even though I was in France and that sounds exciting and vacation-like, we were literally in the office from no later than 8:00a until at least 7:00p every night - couple that with jet lag and being pregnant and it is about the farthest thing from a vacation as you can get. But once we had Saturday and Sunday off, it became a mini vacation in the middle of some crazy long days of work that we really needed. So on Saturday morning we hit some of the many weekend outdoor markets that paris has to offer and I picked up a postcard for my hubby and also one for my friend Aria. The one I picked for Corey was very cliche - a photo of the Eiffel Tower. The one that I picked for Aria was so perfect for her - two of her favorite things in life are France and wine and I found one that was someone sitting at a table drinking a glass of wine (you could actually only see their hand holding the wine and the table) and then in the distance you could see Paris and the Eiffel Tower. So perfect! We then took our items back to the hotel in the late morning before we headed out to see some other sights so I took that opportunity to write out my cards and take them to the front desk to send them out. Corey got his a week later (after I was already home) and Aria got hers around the same time - not too bad, considering that I have sent things to people one city away and it took them a week to receive it!

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  1. You got to go to Paris twice?!?!? That's fantastic :) I'm glad you got some time to relax even with a crazy work schedule!