Thursday, September 1, 2011

Embrace the Camera

This week's Embrace the Camera post was inspired by the most fabulous Pinterest, my latest obsession (as well as the rest of the blogging community, it seems...).

I saw this picture:

Then I showed the hubs and he was like, "We are so doing that." So this weekend he told me to get Josie and I coordinated to take some pics together because we were going to do this same thing in our house, except he wanted it to be pics of Josie and I and the letter would be J since we are both J's.  Cute, right?  Well, we shall see if it ever actually comes to fruition because we really want to do it with big canvas photos like the ones above but that shizz is expensive!  

Anyway, here are some shots from our 'lil photo shoot.

Linking up with the fabulous Mrs. Emily Anderson over at The Anderson Crew.