Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{30 day} photo fun - days 19-21

{Day 19 - Summertime}

I was in my house with a sick child all.day.long.  I did not take any summertime photos. :(

{Day 20 - Water}

As usual, I forgot to take this picture until way late in the day (I was even home from work all day) so I took a picture of the water boiling the potatoes for dinner...

So I asked hubs to take a "water" photo for me and this is what he came up with...

Pretty clever, just wish it was a little more crisp.

{Day 21 - Macro}

Macro is a photography term that basically means really close up.  So you may have noticed that I am still really learning my camera and it will come as no surprise to you that I struggled with this challenge too.  One would think that the closer you get to the object, the better the macro pic - nope.  If I was too close, the camera would just not take the picture.  I felt a little like the hubs and wanted to scream at it, "JUST TAKE THE F%$#ING PICTURE! I don't care if it is crap just DO WHAT YOU DO!"  But I stayed calm, took deep breaths and managed to get the following pics:

I know that I started this challenge on day 6 so I have not even been doing it for a whole 21 days but I still cannot believe there are only 9 more pictures to take!  Some of the ones left that I am looking forward to are "black & white" and "love".  Fun stuff!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another What I Am Loving Wednesday post!

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