Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{30 day} photo fun - day 8

{Day 8 - Sunset}

I blew it on this one.

I had a million things to do tonight so I guess I didn't prioritize this very well.  I was leaving Meijer at 8:30 and saw the sun setting beautifully but I didn't have my fancy camera with me.  I considered using the camera in my phone, just in case I didn't get it done later.  But I told myself that I had enough time to get home, put the groceries away and get back out to the lake before the sun set.  WRONG.  We left the house around 8:55 and couldn't find the sun setting anywhere.  Believe it or not, we actually drove around for 15 minutes before giving up. I cannot believe that I actually thought I had enough time!  The sun was CLEARLY almost set when I was outside of Meijer.  

So I leave you with the sun in my life instead...

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