Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little Snow Bunny

Lately I have went on a blog-finding spree so my lack of blogging time is more due to spending too much time reading EVERYONE ELSE'S blogs rather than updating mine!  There are just way.too.many great blogs in the blogosphere, I tell ya.  I read one and then they link to their friend who is just as cool as the one I was reading and then that girl is sweet diy'er who is part of all these linky party things so I click on all those links and then...yeah, before I know it I have gone from 3 unread in my Google Reader to 75. 

Anywho, for over a week now I have been meaning to get to this post.  Josie had her first play time in the snow a few weeks ago after we experienced SNOWmg or SNOWpalypse 2011 or whatever you may have referred to it as...

"What's going on here?  Why can't I move any of my limbs?"

Reminiscent of A Christmas Story, anyone?

Her general reaction to sledding.

These dogs were all up in our shiz as we were trying to pull her around but she was LOVING it.
 She loved it!  Despite not being able to move whatsoever between her 18 layers of clothes, she thought it was all so mesmerizing and she particularly loved the sledding.  Maybe she won't be too much like her mama after all and she will love the outdoors even in the winter...

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