Thursday, May 27, 2010

#93 Get a Professional Massage

I have never had a professional massage and I have been hearing for years how they are the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself. Well, for my birthday this year I received a gift certificate to get a prenatal massage from my fabulous sister-in-laws since they knew that I wanted something to pamper myself this year. I was 25 weeks pregnant at the time and I decided to get it somewhere around 35 weeks so that I would probably really, really need it! I had it done in March and it was wonderful. I walked out of there feeling like a jar of jelly! The woman who did it was very professional and the thing I liked most about her was that she didn't talk my ear off while she was doing the massage. There would be nothing less relaxing than that. She had her Enya-esque music playing very low, a few candles burning and very low light - very relaxing setting and exactly what I imagined the atmosphere would be. I'm not really sure what made it a "prenatal massage" except for the fact that I had to lay on my sides and that she did very minimal massage to my feet because supposedly there are pressure points there that have been known to induce labor. So, all in all, I'm glad that I know now what I was missing. I have to say, if I had a ton of money, I would be investing in massages here and there but since I don't, it is not a luxury I must have. I would rather spend my extra money on new clothes, bags and shoes to make me feel happy and relaxed!

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